Museum All Risk

Museum All Risk

Museums can take advantage of AXA ART’s bespoke underwriting and a specially-tailored policy which offers comprehensive cover for exhibits both within a museum or when loaned for exhibitions or fairs.
Museum All Risks Coverage
Loss or damage to exhibits whilst at the premises.

Flexible Coverage
Cover can be extended to exhibits temporarily removed from the premises up to a pre-agreed limit and pre-agreed local or international location.

Exhibition Loan Coverage
Cover can be extended for long or short term loans within the locations declared, up to a pre-agreed limit.

Basis of Loss Settlement
Basis of settlement is the market value immediately prior to loss or damage unless a value has been agreed between you and us in writing.

Cover for Art Reference Library
Additional coverage for your art reference library, including books, catalogues and computer media at your premises.

Before you apply:
1. Stock Inventory Updates
You are required to provide us with an updated list of your items periodically as agreed.

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