ArtPlus is a high value household insurance solution. In addition to providing specialised insurance for art and collectibles, it also covers buildings, general contents, jewellery, watches, and personal liability. It is the only collections-led insurance policy available in the market.
Worldwide Cover for Contents
Contents are covered on a worldwide basis, with complimentary transit cover during removal or temporary storage with a high per article limit for your specified and unspecified items.

Worldwide Transit and Temporary Storage Coverage
We cover your artworks while they are in transit and provide temporary storage at an unspecified location worldwide.

Agreed Value Basis
We can ensure all your items on values agreed upon between you and our underwriters.

Automatic Coverage for New Property
We cover your newly acquired property automatically up to 25% of your Total Sum Insured.

Pair, Sets or Parts Cover
If part of a pair or set of fine art items is damaged, you can choose for a Total Loss in return for getting full payment on the pair or set.

Worldwide Personal Liability

Coverage for your personal liability on a worldwide basis.

Minimum Sum Insured
Minimum Sum Insured of S$250,000 for Section A – The Collection

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